Christopher Holloway Art

As long as I can remember I have had a love for art in all types of mediums from sculpture, to oil painting, water color, and even music. I have found a career sharing my personal art via skin and canvas.
As a tattoo artist in Reno, Nevada I have seen the tattoo industry flood, and in my apprenticeship years ago was told "if you do not have anything new to offer, well then stay out of the industry." I took this to heart in that how I have learned to treat every client with decency and respect. Entering every tattoo appointment big or small just knowing that it is an honor to be permanently and painfully adding my personal art to your skin.
I am the Owner/artist of Cheating Heart Tattoo, a by appointment only suite located at 905 W 4th Street, #29 in Reno, NV. If you would like to make an appointment I require a 20% down and a 48 hr cancellation notice (or deposit is taken). My rates range from $100-$125 an hour depending on size, location, and subject matter ($100 shop minimum). Prints, Paintings, and commissioned art works fall under the same price ranging as my tattoo rates.

If interested in artwork or tattoo please call 775-379-7859.